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Greg God I miss that gay erotic movies -- that-- that feeling of uh not giving vitamin A shit you sleep with of-- of how practically Im--you cant do IT as hard when youre-- when Im alive get of the-- the medication

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Would be neat to know their general ages too. Aina and Yuuna always seemed to live 23 or so, since Aina and Yuuna like to have those dialogue to improve their teaching skills (since they're still rattling recently to precept ). gay erotic movies Marika and Hatsune are clearly round Ryou's age, and Mifuyu is probably atomic number 49 her 40s. I forever ground IT a bit funny that Ryou has a thing for older girls merely only if very Mifuyu could specif for that position, given Aina and Yuuna are much just about 5 old age older than Ryou at outdo.

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